32" / 30" scale

12" radius

1-5/8" / 1-1/2" nut - 4-string

1-7/8" nut - 5-string

dual action truss rod

carbon fiber struts

fretteds or fretless


Type1 pick-ups

passive piezo

Hipshot headless system

Hipshot A bridge

Hipshot tuners

Gotoh tuners

Bournes pots

Coda 30" BASE - $2000

Sonic 32" BASE - $2400





All Malinoski basses are 32" or 30" short scale and equipped with the unique Type1 pick ups, which deliver outstanding deep tonal response unlike anything else. They are contoured and comfortable, well balanced and easy to play. These are thumping and throbbing rock machines- real floor shakers.